Decarbonization Through Democratization

We are holistic project developers, focusing on suite of added benefits to our projects that reach above and beyond carbon removal and avoidance. Our emphasis is on community building, research and development, and education, woven together through the principle of creating a circular economy.



At the forefront of Global untapped decarbonization potential

The work we do to help the decarbonize 60 billion tons of C02e per annum by 2050.

Carbon Removals

ACM stores carbon for long periods. We operate a biochar plant in the Philippines and work on agricultural projects in Southeast Asia. We plan to expand our biochar work in the region, using agricultural waste for pyrolysis and gasification.

Carbon Avoidance

ACM has invested in carbon avoidance projects across the globe, including a high quality renewable fuel based cook stove project and a manufacturer of sustainable biomass based pellets for heat and power production.

Maritime Certificates

ACM is collaborating with Gold Standard and Climate Impact X to develop and implement the world’s first voluntary scheme encouraging fuel switching – from fossil fuels to sustainable biofuels – in the maritime sector.


Making waves with decarbonization

Globally we need to decarbonize 60 billion tons of CO2e per annum by 2050 for us to achieve our Paris Aligned Goals. ACM understands that this can obviously not be achieved alone and that this must be a combined effort across all sectors and parties.

As a company helping the world decarbonize, we are keen to partner and collaborate across multiple ventures and to share our findings and research so that we can all move together to reach this goal – we definitely need all hands on deck


Let's connect

In this era of energy transition and decarbonization, we started off in the biofuels sector and had a clear vision to develop high quality carbon avoidance and removal projects. There is clearly a lot of work to be done and we are open to sharing our findings and finding ways to collaborate with other players in this space to optimize and expedite the journey to Net-Zero.

We are always open to hearing your thoughts and connecting with interested parties in this space – please contact us!


“Our vision is decarbonization through democratization and we are proud of the progress we have made so far”


Continuously Giving Back To the Community

Our engagement goes beyond biochar to sustainable and regenerative agriculture as we develop and introduce alternative wetting and drying (AWD or rice methane management) techniques to paddy farmers in the region. We have created a rigorous system to ensure that these sustainable practices do not reduce the yields of farmers. 

We engage in philanthropic activity through various organizations in the Philippines, where we continuously give back to community.


Education on the Carbon Market

Our community building and education efforts also extend digitally, where we have engaged with podcasts and film directors to shine a light on the carbon market and the sustainability space along with biochar’s role in that market. Alcom’s podcast appearance can be found here and Green Carbon Webinar appearance can be found here.


Investing in the Future

ACM as Alcom’s investment arm has invested in sustainable projects that are engaged in carbon avoidance activities throughout the Global South. 

We pride ourselves on our high impact, high quality carbon removal and avoidance projects targeting multiple sustainable development goals. As a result, we target companies with a similar impact on their local communities and ecosystems. The companies ACM is invested in are challenging and changing the existing systems with a prime focus on sustainability and circularity.



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